Webinar: Leveraging Millennials & Gen. Z in the Workplace

Join Denise Ball from ToolingU-SME as she discusses the myths vs. reality of Millennials (and introduces Generation Z and how they’re different!) to help you better leverage their skills in the workplace and embrace, engage, and retain them.

Millennials are the BIGGEST generation in U.S. history. For comparison, the massive baby-boomer generation has about 77 million people–what’s more, millennials make up nearly half of the current U.S. workforce.

Tooling U-SME Millennial survey shows manufacturing (78%) agrees millennials are important to their future, but less than half (40%) have a good understanding of this group.

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About the speaker:

Denise Ball is a Workforce Development Specialist for ToolingU-SME, an industry leader in manufacturing workforce education and development.  She has served as a practitioner of best-in-class learning and development techniques for the manufacturing industry for over 25 years.  Her extensive background includes workforce development for customized training at Lakeland Community College in Ohio.  She also brings hands-on experience in manufacturing as she assisted her family in running a small machine shop for several years.  For the past 6 years, she has guided the implementation of workforce education and skills training into corporations across the globe to help develop their workforce with success, as well as facilitated workshops on best practices and various webinars.  She resides in Ohio with her husband and has 5 children.


Webinar: SQF Edition 8

SQF Edition 8 is moving full steam ahead.  With the January 2, 2018 go live date for this revision, many facilities are restructuring their policies and procedures to comply with SQF 8.0 before their re-certification audit this year.  Certified facilities will learn what is new, what has been changed and what has stayed the same.

If you are new to the SQF arena, you will learn which SQF Code applies to your facility, how to determine the Food Sector Category, and how to prepare for this GFSI Certification audit.

Details will be given for SQF Food Safety Fundamentals, the SQF Food Safety Codes and the SQF Quality Code.  Join us on February 7, 2018 and bring your list of questions that will be addressed during the Q & A at the end of the webinar.

Join Kim Hawk, from ASI Foods to learn all about the Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Certification, Edition 8.

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Webinar: Tax credits for manufacturers

Learn how manufacturers can qualify for federal and state income tax credits for their product and process development activity.  Many manufacturers are not aware that they qualify for these valuable incentives or overlook eligible activities and costs.  What’s more, the federal law recently changed to allow startups and other pre-profit businesses to apply the R&D tax credit against their payroll taxes.  This webinar will discuss how to qualify, eligible costs, opportunity areas, traps for the unwary and how to qualify for the payroll tax credit.

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Presenter Bio: 

Shawn Marchant, President of SMARTAX Pro has 20 years of experience in identifying and quantifying R&D and manufacturing incentives for companies in over 20 industries. His experience runs the gamut from initial project scoping through implementation, project management, IRS and state audit support, and finally, evaluation of benefits for financial statement presentation.  Shawn spent 16 years in the “Big 4,” most recently with Ernst & Young where he led their Research Credit and Meals and Entertainment practices in the Southeast region.  Shawn began his career in Los Angeles with Deloitte as part of their National R&D Tax Credit group and spent two years in their Accounting Methods & Periods National Practice Group in Washington, DC.  An attorney licensed in California, he has a JD from BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School and an LLM in Tax from Georgetown University Law School.


Webinar: Debunking the Myth-Manufacturing in China vs. U.S.

This webinar will cover:

  • Common questions and misconceptions related to manufacturing domestically vs internationally.  
  • The pros and cons of manufacturing in China vs the U.S.,
  • How culture affects manufacturing and what changes can be made in the U.S. to bring manufacturing jobs back and compete for the business we keep losing overseas.  
  • Analyzing the true costs of overseas production and how they relate to domestic costs.

Click here to access the webinar on December 6, 2017 at 12:00PM (MST)

About the speaker:

Eric Boud is a consultant who helps companies go direct-to-factory and mitigate their risk when dealing with manufacturers both domestically and internationally. With a degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology and his ability to speak Mandarin Chinese, he has helped dozens of companies learn how to navigate the cultural and technical intricacies surrounding product development and manufacturing. He has worked in various industries including electronics, consumer goods, and medical devices and is currently the owner of Rover Manufacturing Consulting based in Utah.


A3 Report Webinar

It’s just a sheet of paper, but it’s one of the most effective communication tools available for manufacturers. 

Learn about the A3 Report process, which is a simple way of getting a problem, analysis, corrective action or action plan captured on a single sheet of paper.

Theresa Drulard, MEP Center Director, will take you through the process of creating your own A3 Report by discussing her past experiences creating and using them.

Join us, Wednesday July 26 at noon (MST). To register, email info@mep.utah.edu