Why manufacturers should stop ignoring social media

By Steven Brand from CMTC Social media. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying its power. Today, nearly 210 million Americans engage in social media communities, from Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter to YouTube. Here are four ways you can promote your business with social media: 1.Create a Video Library on YouTube YouTube receives over 1 billion unique visitors each month. And they’re not just watching funny

Cybersecurity for Manufacturers: 8 Ways to Prevent Attacks

By Steven Brand Many consider 2017 the “worst year ever” for data breaches and cyberattacks, largely due to the rise in ransomware. And IT experts predict it’s only going to get worse. According to the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), a non-profit that works to develop tools and best practices that enhance internet security, cyberattacks targeting manufacturers and others nearly doubled in volume from the previous year. The worst of the

Five Steps to Food Safety Certifications

By David King Food safety is a top concern for food manufacturers today, but understanding the different certifications can be confusing. Whether it’s SQF, GMP, or complying with an industry specific guideline, the University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UUMEP) Center has assisted companies with many food safety programs. Below are general guidelines to keep in mind when starting your food safety program. STEP 1: Identify Where You Want
Food Safety Certifications

Metal 3D Printing Workshop Engages Cache County Manufacturers

The “disruptive” technology of Metal 3D Printing captured the minds of 22 Cache County manufacturers last Thursday at Bridgerland Technical College. The workshop was sponsored by the Cache Chamber of Commerce, Bridgerland Technical College Custom Fit, and the University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center in conjunction with Professional Education and the department of Mechanical Engineering. Additive manufacturing expert Rob Smith

Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center @ the University of Utah Brings Free Metal Additive Manufacturing Training to Utah Businesses to Increase Their Competitiveness

In partnership with Utah Technical Colleges, the University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UUMEP) Center will bring free metal additive manufacturing training to Utah. Also known as Metal 3D Printing, this technology has been labeled as “disruptive” by many industry experts, and many local companies have reported that their competitors are investing in this technology, and see a great need to learn more about its benefits. Developed by
Metal Additive Manufacturing

10 Reasons Why You Need ISO9001 Certification

By Chris Anderson When we talk about helping companies obtain ISO 9001:2015 certification, people often ask us, “Why does our company need to be ISO 9001 certified?” Good question. ISO 9001 is the quality management system (QMS) standard and it produces numerous benefits for any company willing to go that route. So, why should your organization obtain ISO 9001 certification? Becoming ISO9001 certified means to pass a physical ISO 9001:2015 certification audit by a registrar (a certifying agency).

Five surprising factoids about metal additive manufacturing

By Tab Wilkins and Marlon Walker Recently, we learned five things that surprised us about additive manufacturing for small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs).  These insights came from a group of MEP National Network practitioners who participated in a workshop at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and NIST Measurement Science for Additive Manufacturing (MSAM) Program staff to share research, bench marking data and client field experiences.  The primary focus
Metal Additive Manufacturing

Impeding Progress: 7 Challenges to Implementing Process Improvements & Ways to Get Around Them

By Jamison V. Kovach and Pratibha Sharma In general, organizational processes tend to be viewed simply as “the way we do things around here.” These routines can be a part of a formal or informal chain of process steps that are conducted to perform the work within an organization. Formal processes generally have procedures that document every action to be performed. Informal processes, on the other hand, are often simply based on a general

Ten things you didn’t know we offer

By Maureen Brakke, Marketing Manager In case you haven’t worked with us before or heard of us, we are public-private partnership working with manufacturers to improve all aspects of manufacturing, from the shop floor to the front office. We’ve recently worked with clients on projects ranging from website development, equipment selection to industry certifications. We recognize there is not a one-size solution for everyone, and we pride ourselves in creating customized solutions for each of

Five steps to being a “smarter” manufacturer

By Tab Wilkins There’s no question the digital manufacturing revolution is racing at us. As a small or medium-sized manufacturer, how close are you to already being “smart”? Here are five steps in the journey to becoming a smarter digital enterprise. First and foremost, be cybersecure. Cybersecurity is an underlying tenant of being a smart and trusted business partner. The more