It’s not IF you’ll get hacked, but WHEN

By Maureen Brakke, PR & Marketing Manager You might have heard over and over again that your business NEEDS a cybersecurity plan. However, have you often thought that your business won’t get hacked because you have nothing of value for hackers? Or because you employ virus protection software, firewalls, and passwords, you’ll be ok? Ask yourself these questions: Do you use email? Do you use

Cybersecurity trends 2019: What should you look out for?

By Ellen Tannam As the year begins, there are a few key areas that cybersecurity professionals should keep in mind. After the excesses of the holiday period, you are more than likely looking at the blank slate of a new year before you with a sense of optimism and hope for times ahead. Those in the infosec industry may view it more as a future filled with potential threats and attack vectors

Looking Back at 2018

By Nicole Simister, Center Director As 2018 comes to a close, I’d like to thank our clients, partners, and advocates for your continued support of our Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center and of the work we do to enhance the productivity and performance of Utah manufacturers. We’ve had a busy year, completing over 80 client projects, helping our manufacturers find $10.7 million in savings, $45.2 million in new sales, and $17 million in new investments.

Continuous Improvement Training Increases Scrapbox Sales by $1 Million Per Year

Scrapbox was founded in American Fork, Utah in 2005 by Garth, and his friend Glen, who had an idea for an all-in-one solution to contain messy craft rooms that were becoming all too common in their own homes. They called it the ScrapBox and it became very popular. Not too long after, ScrapBoxes were being shipped to homes all across the country. Project Scope: They wanted to improve their manufacturing process

10 Made in Utah Gift Ideas

Happy Holidays from us at the University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center! If you’re still looking for holiday gift ideas, check out some of the products manufactured right here in Utah. Some things manufactured in Utah aren’t your typical practical holiday gifts, but are still cool, such as plastic tubing by Plastic Resources Inc., military-grade rocket launchers by NAMMO, aircraft parts by KIHOMAC, structural

Industry 4.0: The journey toward perfect production

By Willem Sundblad Manufacturers are under constant pressure. They need to decrease waste while increasing uptime, throughput and quality to continue to compete effectively. Manufacturers are no stranger to disruption either, and in recent years lean manufacturing practices and automation have applied further pressure on them, even forcing some out of the game altogether. The next disruptive phase in manufacturing is already well underway. “Industry 4.0” builds on the previous
Industry 4.0

Why PR matters to industrial companies, and how to get started

By Michelle Garrett As companies in the industrial sector look for ways to win new customers – and keep the loyal customers they have – they need to find ways to stay top of mind in a competitive landscape. Public relations can help manufacturers achieve this goal. How, you may ask? A well-developed PR effort reaches the desired audience in one or more of these ways:

How a little-known tax credit can pay off big in automation costs

By Greg Knarr To meet productivity and efficiency demands, industries are rapidly turning to automation. But automation systems are expensive. A highly underutilized government incentive, the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit, help offset much of the development and implementation costs for automation systems and provide a source of capital for the acquisition of additional technical talent. The Evolution of the Tax Credit In
R&D Tax Credit

Why you should care about Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Manufacturing Day occurs on the first Friday in October — this year Manufacturing Day is Oct 5, 2018. The purpose of MFG Day is to change the public’s perception of manufacturing with the goal of inspiring more people to pursue manufacturing careers. We wanted to correct the idea that manufacturing involved repetitive, unskilled tasks that happened

8 mistakes small businesses make when building an online presence