Thank you for your interest in working with the University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UUMEP) Center. We are excited in your interest in partnering with us to deliver services to Utah manufacturers in order to help them become globally competitive.

The UUMEP Center serves small to medium-sized manufacturers in Utah in all industries. While this is a fee for service program, we receive funding from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-MEP, a federal entity, as well as state funding, which enables us to provide high-level consulting and services they may not otherwise afford. In the event that we bring work to your organization, we request discounted pricing (typically 20%) in order to provide affordable services to our clients.

We work with manufacturing company owners, executives, managers, and operators to assess company needs in all areas. We move quickly from assessment to implementation to ensure our efforts provide immediate measurable payback to our clients.

Our mission is to enhance the productivity and technological performance of Utah manufacturing, through growing and retaining jobs, reducing costs, and increasing revenue and investment. Our third-party providers support and operate under our mission when working with our clients.

Before you apply to be a UUMEP Center third-party service provider, please review our third-party service provider process and consider the following:

Connect with us and fill out our third-party online application & reference questionnaire.Understand how your services can address our client needs.Understand and agree to our contractual agreement.Target client needs and estimate project impacts.Perform services & document progress.Verify deliverables and client impacts.
  • We provide customized services to manufacturers. Our center is designed to be a mix of direct-service delivery and third-party services in order to best support client needs. We will keep third-party service providers with a strong history of performance in mind when we assess prospective client work. 
  • We do not just sell services. We are a trusted advisor for our clients and provide value-added work. We operate under a consultative approach, guiding the client through self-discovery and providing a framework and system to operate under.
  • Where needed, we work side-by-side with clients so they learn how to do the work themselves. Our approach is very hands-on and we expect clients to see improvements that lead to immediate results.
  • Follow-up on client work is very important to us. We highly value our long-term relationships with clients and third-parties.
  • UUMEP Center maintains client management role, which includes managing project scope, service delivery quality, combined client visits and satisfaction, and internal controls, such as billing and grant management. The third-party service provider will perform specific services as defined by client proposal and contract with UUMEP Center and operate under supervision of staff engineer in charge.
  • All UUMEP Center client service agreements will be between UUMEP Center and the client. Third-party service providers will not sign any contracts or agreements as an agent of UUMEP or otherwise obligate UUMEP Center in any way. If it is a UUMEP Center originated client, the third-party service provider will not sell additional contracted work directly to the client without UUMEP’s written permission.
  • We work with clients as business needs arise. There is not guarantee of work volume for third-party service providers unless contractually specified.

Screening Process:

We carefully screen and evaluate any third-party service provider candidates. If you choose to apply for third-party service provider work, our vetting and qualifying process includes:

  • Review and agreement to the terms of our Independent Sub-contractor Services Agreement
  • Presentation to UUMEP Center staff, if deemed necessary
  • Initial screening
    • Review bio and resume
      • Candidate’s website: is it professional and credible?
      • Check with BBB for ratings and complaints
      • D & B financial viability
      • LinkedIn profile- do they have any recommendations?
    • We will also consider these things:
      • Verifiable client results and track record of quantifiable financial impact
      • Do they have C-level experience?
      • Consulting experience?
      • Presentation skills?
    • Interviews and references will be coordinated through our staff.